South East London Wargames Group

The longest running Wargames group in London

SELWG have been promoting Wargames in South East London since 1971. We are now one of London's largest Wargames clubs, providing a friendly and inclusive environment for our members to enjoy a wide range of activities and games. Our club is open members of all ages, and if there's a game you want to try, its almost a certainty that one of our members will either want to play it, or give it a go.

An article on one of our first shows

An article on one of our first shows


We play a wide range of games including Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy. We have a large player base for games such as Warhammer 40,000, and Warhammer Fantasy, and our members enjoy participating in our two annual tournaments for both games. Popular Star Wars games such as X Wing and Armada have a large player base, and we host tournaments for these as well.

Our club has a long and varied tradition of historical gaming, and our members enjoy a wide range of different games and eras, with particular favourites being Bolt Action and FOGR. We regularly host large historical participation games, and host club tournaments and campaigns for our members too.

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